Internationality is very important to sim cargo

Together with around 60 international partners, we can provide transport services on over 37 international routes – most of which have daily departures. That means that almost one in three sim cargo shipments crosses a border.

Just like our national partners, our international partners are full members of the sim cargo network. That benefits the entire network: Direct links to the sim cargo system ensures reliable track and trace and the automatic provision of delivery documents.

Our international partners are also generally medium-sized companies, and all deliver high quality and flexibility. Long term relationships built on trust deliver network reliability, quality and continuous development among our international partners.

TSP as international gateways

Direct links for our international partners to the sim cargo TSP system ensure regular system shipments, thus helping to sustain an excellent Europe-wide network. Our German and Austrian TSP act as bundling points for our international departures:

 TSP Route Departures
Koblenz France Daily
Koblenz Spain 5x / Week
Koblenz/Frankfurt France Daily
Villingen-Schwenningen Switzerland Daily
Villingen-Schwenningen Liechtenstein Daily
Willich Great Britian Daily
Willich Ireland Daily
Willich Netherlands Daily
Willich Turkey 4x / Week
Hamburg Denmark Daily
Hamburg Finland Daily
Hamburg Norway 3x / Week
Hamburg Sweden 3x / Week
Hamburg Russia on request
Köln Luxembourg Daily
Köln Belgium Daily
München Italy Daily
München Malta 2x / Week
München Slowenia 3x / Week
Berlin Estonia 2x / Week
Berlin Latvia 2x / Week
Berlin Lithuania 2x / Week
Berlin Poland Daily
Chemnitz Poland Daily
Nürnberg Greece 1x / Week
Nürnberg Czech Republic Daily
Wien Bulgaria 2x / Week
Wien Croatia 2x / Week
Wien Romania Daily
Wien Slovakia Daily
Wien Hungary Daily
Graz Albania 2x / Week
Graz Bosnia Herzegovina 4x / Week
Graz Kosovo 2x / Week
Graz Macedonia 2x / Week
Graz Montenegro 2x / Week
Graz Serbia 2x / Week

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