"Best of both worlds"

sim cargo combines the best features of a central and decentralised production structure. The benefits of the hub & spoke , such as low production costs with full capacity usage or low handling frequency, supplement the benefits of the decentralised system perfectly.
More than 260 forwarders, one central hub and 24 Transshipment-Points are closely linked to each other in the sim cargo system.

The TSP-Model 

Groupage with no detours: By choosing the TSP structure, you decide for the direct way of production without risking empty runs. The unique TSP-model connects all major economic regions with each other. Not only ideal lead times, but also excellent cost-benefits are achieved for your groupage business.


What is a TSP?

Transshipment-Points (short: TSP) form the centerpiece of the decentralised part of our network.

On the one hand, a TSP is a regional handling point, which consolidates outbound cargo and procurement shipments of our partners: Regional freight remains regional, supra-regional are forwarded via direct TSP-shuttles to the place of destination. A daily interlinking of all TSP locations provides ideal lead times at low costs. From each sending-TSP, every other TSP is reached on a daily line haul.


On the other hand, our TSP function as gateways for our international partners. A total number of 37 European countries are covered in our groupage network. Direct, mostly daily, connections between our international partners and the gateway-TSP provide an excellent level of efficiency.



Decentralisation as ecological and economic benefit

The efficient location selection of our TSP delivers several benefits to our partners:
On average, our TSP are just 50 kilometres away from the nearest depot location. That is good for the environment and for you!
If capacity use fluctuates, the risk of vehicles not being fully loaded is minimal. After all, the nearest TSP is not far away. Another benefit of the TSP system is the enormous flexibility created by its decentralisation. Although a home TSP is assigned to every depot, at which the system partner inserts its outgoing goods into the system, the TSP model enables you to combine your own direct transport services with your groupage goods.


The hub – our central node for transporting your goods!

Our hub in Homberg (Efze) is the heart of our centralized production structure. It is very conveniently located at the heart of Europe enabling very good links to all sim cargo partners. Superbly trained personnel in Homberg ensure that your shipments are handled smoothly with over 6800 square metres of enclosed space, 900 square metres of administration area and 96 gates.
Bundling incoming and outgoing shipments at the hub means using resources to the full and no vehicles travelling empty. The flexible design of departure times means that even shipments which arrive late can be reloaded.


Long-goods? No problem!

One-off handling at our hubs ensures that your shipment enjoys maximum safety. Our competent warehouse personnel know how to handle and load even big packages measuring up to 6.10 m in length. That means damaged goods and annoyed customers are a thing of the past.



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