System performance is measured by reliability! Quality is part of everyday life for all sim cargo employees and depots so that you and your customers are not just satisfied but delighted.

Clearly structured system processes are essential for the successful collaboration of over 260 medium-sized forwarding businesses. The processes inside the system have therefore been defined with special attention to meeting customer needs and wishes.


Caution is better than hindsight – the QM team

The internal sim cargo quality management is designed to keep the customer’s interests at the top of the agenda at all times. Compliance with regulations to look after the customer’s interests is the core idea behind sim cargo’s quality management. Proactive controls prevent problems before they can take root. That is why the QM team is always present in the system, day and night – for you and your customers.

The requirements for the depots, TSP and Hub increase each time a new route or partner is added. That is why the QM team is not just designed to take action when there is a problem, but to implement preventive processes by monitoring, training personnel and creating improvements. In addition to the statistical evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI), the primary objective of the QM team is to act as a task force, monitoring the system structures and mastering the challenges within the depot and TSP landscape together with local management staff.


Task of the quality management:

  • Process definition and improvement
  • Monitoring system regulations
  • System-wide publication of quality-relevant key performance indicators
  • Regular auditing of system partners and handling contractors
  • Continuous partner training

You never stop learning!
Training courses are an essential part of our efficient QM system.

Partner trainings not only serve to transfer expertise, but also to exchange information within the sim cargo system. The following courses are therefore held at regular intervals:

  • IT training
  • Regional meetings
  • Hazardous substances training
  • National and international partner training


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